Automatic presses

Hydraulic Double Coloumn Press HYDRAP HPDZb 1250

Hydrap Double Column Punching Machine with feed line, transfer system, 5 X moving bolster, 

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Stampingmachine Manzoni HERA 250 incl. Feedline 350 X 5,0 mm

Year of building2003
Pressforce to250
Bedsize mm1900 X 1150
Ramsize mm1900 X 1150
Ram adjustable
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Stampingmachine Edelhoff DARRW 500

The machine were overhauled in 2011. Bushes in press new, eccentric shaft new, all guides Read more »

Eccentricpress LEK Smeral 250 to

Year of Manufacture1991
new control
Pressforce to250
Tablesize mm1160 X 850
Ramsize mm850
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Stamping machine Arrasate PSR 315

Stamping machine Arrasate PSR 315

Pressforce to315
Tablesize mm1500 X 1020
Ramsize mm1350
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Stamping machine Kaiser V 50 W /860

Machine in exzellent condition, as new.
Year of Manufacture 1989
Siemens Control S5
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Stanzautomat Balconi 400 to

Baujahr 1987
Presskraft to400
Tischfläche mm2000 X 1500
Stößelfläche mm2000 X 1000
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Raster Stanzautomat HR 90 NL-4S

Presskraft to90
Tischfläche mm730 x 1200
Stößelfläche mm650 x 820
Hub verstellbar
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